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The Genetic Detective Solving the Mysteries of Genetic Disease
Dr. Chung speaks about her earliest interest in genetics and how advancements in newborn screening are helping all babies have healthier lives.

Can Genomic Screening of Newborns Help More Children Born with Rare Diseases?
Dr. Chung’s GUARDIAN study helps families find genetic diagnoses in newborns for early treatment and intervention

The human genome has finally been decoded. Here’s why this discovery is a game changer
Dr. Chung describes the aspirations in the field of genetics and the impact of decoding the genome

Dean’s Lecture at the McGovern Medical School at UTHealth
Genomic Medicine: Disparities and Opportunities to Improve Health Equity

Importance of big data & genetics
How Big Data Are Unlocking the Mysteries of Autism

Interview with Dr. Wendy Chung
National Human Genome Research Institute’s oral history interview with Dr. Chung

Treatment for KIF1A Associated Neurological Disorder
Ovid Therapeutics and Columbia University are Working on a Treatment for KIF1A Associated Neurological Disorder

Do Our Genes Hold the Answers to COVID-19’s Lethality?
Dr. Chung speaks about the hopes and limitations of the latest genetic research on COVID19

DNA Could hold Clues to Varying Severity of COVID19
During the current health concerns, Dr. Chung and her team dives into research to determine whether genetics influence the severity of symptoms

Watch The Gene: An Intimate History
A four-hour, two-part documentary based on The Gene to air April 7 and 14, 2020 on PBS stations nationwide featuring Dr. Wendy Chung & her team

DOH launches newborn screening pilot program
Dr. Wendy Chung partners with the DOH to provide newborns with genetic testing for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy- where early detection is key

Children with Rare Genetic Disease Find Comfort in this First-Ever Meeting
Dr. Wendy Chung and her team partners with the KIF1A Foundation to bring families together in a larger scale

Brave Girl Inspires Research on Rare Chromosomal Disorder
Dr. Chung’s partners with her patient and the Project 8P Foundation to facilitate research on patients with 8p abnormalities

Wendy Chung’s short biographical podcast
Dr. Chung speaks about her early dreams and her work and what is in the pipeline

Genetic Screening: Controlling Heredity
Dr. Chung describes genetic conditions and the importance of life

TREATMENT Program & Center for Rare Pediatric Genetic Diseases
Dr. Chung describes the impact the TREATMENT Program at Columbia University Medical Center will have

American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics lecture
The Hype, The Hope, Reality and Vision of future of Genomic Medicine described by Dr. Chung

Dr. Chung Discusses What Genetics Can Do for Medicine
Dr. Chung argues we are in a dynamic period of medical history, to be able to diagnose individual patients and understand the cause of their condition

On the Way to a Rare Disease Cure Parents Tackle the High Price Tag of Research
Parents of a child with KIF1A-related disorder take charge to initiate the first steps to a finding a cure for their daughter and others like her

This Lobbyist is Fighting for the Biggest Cause of his Career: His Daughter
Dr. Chung meets with families with children diagnosed with PPP2R5D seeking to find treatment

Gene Editing in Embryos Raises Ethical, Medical Dilemmas
Dr. Chung provides insights, potentials and limitations on CRISPR technology used by researchers in Oregon to prevent disease, disabilities or enhancing characteristics in embryos

Springfield Mom Works to Raise Awareness after Son Diagnosed with Rare Genetic Disorder
Dr. Chung describes KIF1A-related disorders, the importance of a diagnosis and a hopeful future

Local Girl May Hold Key to Unlocking Certain Disorders and Diseases
Dr. Chung finds variation in PPP2R5D that will lead to foundational research for a hopeful cure in the future

Inside NYP: Dr. Wendy Chung
Dr. Chung’s groundbreaking DISCOVER program is contributing to the diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases

UP family continues search for treatment of daughter’s rare genetic disorder
Dr. Chung invites families with KIF1A Disorder to increase awareness and someday a cure

Genetic Testing Reveals Rare Brain Disorder
Dr. Chung finds a diagnosis for a child with a rare disorder; Spastic Paraplegia

Meet the Doctor Who’s Discovered 28 New Diseases
Dr. Chung, the medical detective

Solving Medical Mysteries
Dr. Chung provides insight on the future of patients with undiagnosed conditions

One Family’s struggle with Microcephaly now linked to Zika
A story on a family taken care of by Dr. Wendy Chung and the impact of autosomal recessive genes

The Doctors Who Solve Medical Mysteries
Dr. Chung uses genetics to diagnose rare and complex diseases

Unraveling the Mystery of Autism, One Person at a Time
Dr. Chung speaks about the Autism spectrum and SPARK.

SPARK for Autism
Dr. Chung furthers research for families and individuals with Autism.

Faculty Q&A with Wendy Chung: Exploring Genetic Approaches to Medicine
Dr. Chung talks about genetic approaches in medicine in light of precision medicine.

Autism TED Talk
Dr. Chung talks about what we do and don’t know about autism.

Dr. Chung on CHD
Dr. Chung discusses congenital heart disease.

Is GATTACA soon to become reality?
In this TEDMED CUMC talk, Dr. Chung discusses whether newborn screening for genetic disorders should be expanded to include whole genome sequencing

Studying genetic mutations and rare diseases
Rare Disease Report sat down with Dr. Wendy Chung, Clinical and Medical Geneticist at Columbia University to talk about her lab’s work in genetic testing and the strides that have been made recently in examination of the etiology of various disease—especially rare diseases—thanks to the advances made in exome sequencing

Could genetics hold the answer to curing autism?
NPR coverage on Dr. Chung’s TED Talk on autism

Dr. Wendy Chung is invited to the White House
Press release about Dr. Wendy Chung being invited to the White House to participate in President Obama’s announcement of the new precision medicine initiative.

DNA Test for Rare Disorders Becomes More Routine
Dr. Chung talks about the surging popularity of genomic sequencing.